SPAM Filtering

Nittany Link, Inc's email service offers advanced features to identify undesirable spam email to prevent abuse of your mail server by spammers. We block unwanted spam using the following industry practices:

  • Open Relay checks.
  • SPF checks.
  • Aspam -  Allowing mail to be filtered by score at the domain or user level.
  • Friends Only System is a challenge response system allowing users to opt to receive messages only from friends. 

IOS and Android Friendly

We take RFC compliance seriously. For example unlike many of our competitors our IMAP mail server module passes the rigorous unofficial IMAP test suite This means it's more likely to work seamlessly with multiple email clients (IPhones, Android etc...) without 'odd' behavior.

Access and manage your email on multiple devices. IMAP allows you to keep track of read/unread and flagged messages on multiple devices.

If you read or delete your message on your IOS or Android device, it will automatically be updated as read or deleted on your office workstation.

Web Based Administration

Perform the following tasks through our web based administration console:

  • Add/Remove Users
  • Change Passwords
  • Forward Emails
  • Set/Change Spam Filtering Settings
  • Configure Redirects and Mailing List
  • View Reports


Improved Ajax Webmail

Our brand new web email interface that uses Web2 / Ajax techniques to provide the responsiveness, performance and more features than most desktop email clients.


Modern web application features
Modern features such as address autocompletion, message organization via drag and drop, right click context menus thoughout the interface, full cross browser html editor, optional automatic image downsizing when sending large images, support for sending either html email or format flowed plain text email, superbly suited to higher latency network connections.

Clean and elegant interface
The interface is clean and elegant with many actions performed unobtrusively in the background. Background actions include: new mail checks with audio notification of new messages, automatic background saving of drafts, background uploading of attachments as you continue to edit your email, and actual message sending.

Excellent Filing and Searching of mail
Includes collapsible nested folders, unlimited arbitrary message labels, super fast indexed searching of subject / to / from headers, and search based smarts such as single click "all mail with this person" or "all messages in this thread". Supports rich search syntax, and search results can be saved for later one click access.

Tabbed and popup interface design
Supports tabbed mode editing of multiple messages in a single browser window (with a button to popout individual messages into their own window), or automatically edits all messages in their own popout window.