Nittany Link, Inc. provides the following Services

  • PC, Workstation, and Server Support

    Nittany Link offers an affordable alternative to hiring full-time IT professionals. Whether you need an IT support tech to diagnose a problem, or want expert IT management to develop a technology path forward for the company.

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  • Network Security

    Network Security

    From firewalls, network access control, antivirus and malware protection, to comprehensive inspection. Nittany Link, Inc. is here to help protect you from online threats.

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  • Offsite Backups Services

    Cloud Backup Services

    Feel safe knowing that your data is encrypted before it is backed up, during the transmission to our servers, and while stored.

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  • Web Hosting Services

    Website Hosting

    As a local company we host our servers locally as well. Because of this, we can offer a wide variety of flexibility to our customers from hosting your websites on our servers, or if you need more power and bandwidth we can offer you your own dedicated server or host your own company server at our location.

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  • Email Hosting

    Email Hosting

    A fast, efficient and customisable webmail interface. Using advanced Web 2.0 / Ajax mechanisms our web interface provides the speed and ease of use normally only seen in a local email client.

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  • Web Development

    Web Development

    We make the effort to truly understand your business requirements and market dynamics. We then develop your website around these specifications to deliver a website that is easy to use and drives your business goals.

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